Internet Abroad – The Greatest Problem Ever

We all take trips abroad, and with the amount of social media that we use nowadays, it’s no wonder that we end up wanting to take photos and post about every moment of our trip in another country. And of course, let’s not forget that we want to remain updated on the affairs back home – both of our families and friends, and the sometimes, the situation of our country’s politics – as well as be able to contact everyone back home. Now then, what is the basic point that I have expressed here? It’s simply that we need internet – the internet has become a necessity for most of us, to the point where we tend to seek it even in places where it usually wasn’t. And by this last point, I explicitly refer to holiday trips – in the past, holidays was all about shutting yourself away from your everyday life, but nowadays, we feel the need to remain connected at all times.

And this brings us to the greatest problem of the day – the insanely pricey costs of mobile data abroad. Be it the international roaming or international data packages, any normal person who has had a holiday abroad will certainly have had the horrendous experience of unconsciously racking up an enormous bill when you accidentally tapped into the internet data of your phone while away from home. It’s no mystery as such, that mobile carriers tend to charge hefty amounts for small amounts of data when you’re travelling abroad.

This trend in prices and data plans has led many a poor (or budget, if you’re offended) tourist to scramble about looking for free WiFi in public areas. Be they in the USA or South Korea, WiFiis a must –

Be they in Japan or France wifi egg is a must. You get the point – it basically ends up with tourists spending a good part of their holiday trip cooped up at the hotel lobby or a McDonalds. And if you also think about it, you won’t even find WiFi in so many public spaces if you’re out touring some lesser developed countries in Asia or Africa (or you might even find none at all).

However, you should not get dejected just yet – the truth is that there actually are some great innovations to satiate your need for Internet while travelling around the world. You might have actually heard of them – Mi-Fi, Pocket WiFi,WiFi eggs and other similar names. These are all mobile hotspots, or simply, small devices that let you access the internet from nearly anywhere in the world. At a comparatively smaller fee, you can rent one of these devices (or buy the device and rent a data plan from an ISP) to get internet access while you’re abroad.